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Adogreen Recruitment has developed a method for reaching candidates that conventional recruitment methods are missing including headhunting.  Adogreen is able to do this much faster and more economically than other methods used in the African environment, and has been doing it successfully for various clients including mining, engineering firms, and retailers. Not only has Adogreen assisted companies in general recruitment, but has also been involved in recruitment drives for large expansions as well as assisting with gathering data about salaries and market information in various countries. With this, companies get detailed benchmarking before embarking on their search for the right candidate.

Proven Recruitment Methodology – Retain Your Hires

We have a proven methodology in providing results in finding the right local talent in any country within Africa.  As a result of years of experience within the African market, Adogreen is not just able to pinpoint suitable local candidates, but also find the right cultural fit for a company. As a result of these tried and tested methods used by Adogreen, it is not strange that some candidates placed end up working for their employees 5 years and longer, when placed through AdoGreen. This has happened with over 90% of people placed by Adogreen Recruitment over the past 8 years.

Recruitment And Head Hunting In Africa

We have to a large extent perfected the method of recruiting within Africa especially in Botswana without being locally present. This is key to assisting companies moving into Africa helping to secure top local talent without additional flights and movement to achieve this. We are able not only to assist with basic and intricate recruitment needs, but can help with full scale recruitment drives, implementation of online recruitment systems, training of personnel and rollout of various systems within various countries in Africa. We provide a 360 degree service. You don’t just get a CV, but full profiling detail of every candidate, current salary, salary expectations, qualifications and reference/s.

Whatever challenge you face in recruitment within Africa, Adogreen Recruitment would like to assist.

Specialist Sectors Of Recruitment
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Adogreen Recruitment Overview


Company Values:

  • Honesty, integrity and open communication always
  • Dedication and commitment to all our clients and candidates
  • Focusing on quality and excellence, not quantity
  • Being driven and passionate to operate at the highest level of efficiency
Company Goals:

  • To give special attention to the culture, outline and structure of our client companies and teams that the candidate may join.
  • To secure business by recommendation from other customers
  • To use our resources and experience to the full, coupled with the correct information within various African cultures
  • To execute every deadline with great attention to detail, and thoroughness
“I have recruited extensively through Yvette. She makes a point of understanding her client’s exact needs, thereby minimising recruitment timelines, which in turn reduces costs and frustration on the part of her client. She’s highly professional and always acts with the utmost integrity in all her dealings, but also brings a “personal touch” to the business relationship. I would recommend her as a value-add business partner to any company” /jbox]
 “Yvette is very dedicated towards achieving the needs of her clients. She always goes the extra mile to achieve the goals and requirements as set out by her clients. I can definitely recommend Yvette’s professional and dedicated service which will always have positive results.” 
“…Adogreen provides one of the most comprehensive and through services in this market.”

Adogreen runs on applicant tracking software developed and maintained by The Missing Floor especially for the African market


We have valuable information at your disposal from CV writing, to resigning, to understanding contracts, interviewing and dealing with counter offers and more.  Many candidates give us sole agency to work with their applications to various companies, and handle their whole application.

We will help where we can and invite you to browse the site for further information. As an agency, we will be able to advise you on realistic salary expectations and career opportunities aligned to your skills and experience. Please connect with us on LinkedIn, and register your CV.

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