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Project Electrical Engineer Mining company in BotswanaMining
Supply Chain and Logistics Superintendent International Mining CompanyMining

Adogreen Recruitment Agency is a specialist recruitment agency focussing on the Botswana Mining and Heavy industry.  We work with not only local Motswana citizens but also expats who have worked or want to work in Botswana.  We have an extensive database of current candidates and clients in Botswana.

Above are some of our active Botswana mining job vacancies that are open at the moment,  You can view and apply to these positions by clicking on them.

Basic Botswana Mining Industry Overview: Jobs and Recruitment

The mining industry has since 1990 brought great change to the people of Botswana.  The mining industry has dominated the national economy.  Diamond mining on a large scale started around 25 years ago, and diamonds have also been the leading mineral extracted.Most of the Diamond production was gem quality this resulting that Botswana became the leading producer of diamond by value.  Other commodities mined in

Map of Botswana

Botswana are Copper, Gold, Nickel, Soda Ash and recently there has been a move towards coal.In 2005 38% of Botswana’s GDP came from the mining industry and in regards to the government more than 50% of their revenue where derived from mining and mineral processing activity. Botswana’s mining industry employs around 13000 people. Botswana is bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia having no port of their own.There are many multinational mining houses now starting to invest in Botswana.  Botswana is also known for the safety factor in Africa, where a business knows that should it invest, they would be safe.  This is a very strong draw card for mining houses from all over the world.

Botswana National Flag

Concerning the Diamond mining industry in Botswana:

Debswana a 50/50 joint partnership of De Beers Centenary AG and the Government accounts for all diamond production in Botswana.  This partnership has really changed the Botswana economy around.  Although Debswana is by far the largest diamond mining operation there are various other diamond mining operations currently mining in Botswana.

There are various other mining jobs open in Botswana please view our job board regularly.  If you are a Motswana citizen, and you have not registered your CV please do so now.

Copper and Nickel mining in Botswana:

(the possibility of new jobs in Botswana in this mining sector specifically)

Several copper and nickel exploration projects where underway already by the year 2005, and some of them are already in start-up phase or running by 2012.

There are many exciting jobs that come with exploration like:

Exploration Geologist Jobs, Project Manager Job, Survey Jobs, Environmental Jobs.

Gold Mining in Botswana:

(although small it provides many jobs for locals in Botswana.)

It is exciting to know as a local Botswana Citizen that in the mining sector it is now possible to get experience in more than one commodity in the mining industry.  So many jobs are open in so many different type of mines, that you could really set yourself up as person with diverse experience without leaving your own country.  Botswana is truly now setting itself up to grow beyond the diamond sector to become a player in various other mining fields.

Coal mining in Botswana:

Recently there has been an explosion in the coal sector in Southern Africa bringing in thousands of new jobs to locals from all over Africa.  Botswana is not far behind in developing their coal fields further.  This year 2012 and international mining company managed to send a 25 tonne wagon from Botswana to Maputo, Mozambique to prove that it is possible to get coal from Botswana to a port for international export.   There are however quite a few hurdles to get over before this happens but this is a great day for the coal industry in Botswana.  Should this project get off the ground effectively if would mean many new jobs to come to the Botswana community possibly creating a larger range of development for locals in terms of commodity.  There are also plans for a thermal power station at the site where most of the mining is to be done.  There has been talks up to now of a plant producing 600 megawatts of electricity which will use some of the coal from the field being mined.  The entire deposit at Sese has been said to be effectively open cut strip mining, which in turn comes with low risks and low costs.  At the moment it could mean up to 5 million tonnes of coal being mined per year.

Thunderstorm in the northern part of Botswana on the way to Maun